Square Tiles
The tiles are inspired by ancient Celtic designs and their evolution into decorative wall tiles is the unique creation of Maureen & Barry. The tile itself is made from stoneware clay. They are then painted with two coats of coloured glaze and a top coat of clear glaze. The careful choice of clay and glazes and the firing technique combine to give the beautiful rich colouring and the subtle crazing reminiscent of ancient pottery.



Parchment Tiles
Christmas / Wall / Window Ornaments
Easter Rising Centennial Tile


The tiles are mounted on a black wood frame with a wall mounting clip, two rubber wall protectors and a unique descriptive label .
The "Square" tiles are 5 1/2 inches square.
The "Parchment" tiles are 7 1/2 inches square.
All of our tiles are gift boxed and a bubble wrap liner





The ornaments, which are available in both Red and Green are 3 inches in diameter and include a golden chord for hanging. They are packaged in a clear fronted 3 1/2 inch square gift box with foam cushion.




The tile we have designed with the encouragement of our Irish friends and customers, is to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of one of the key events in modern Irish history, the Easter Rising in April 1916. The tile features the traditional Irish Harp. Included with the tile is a copy of the Proclamation from the “Provisional Government of the Irish Republic to the People of Ireland” This is printed on high quality parchment paper and measures 8x11 inches. Also included is an artwork showing the seven leaders of the Rising, this measures 71/2 x71/2 inches. Both the proclamation and the artwork are suitable for framing.






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